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As the Editor in Chief of The Morningside Post, I oversee and report on various topics pertinent to the Columbia SIPA and the wider Morningside Heights community. My role involves supervising and conducting investigations to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the content we publish.

Columbia SIPA announces 'Inside the Situation Room' taught by Hillary Clinton and Keren Yarhi-Milo
The Morningside Post - Link

"Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Dean Keren Yarhi-Milo will bring students “Inside the Situation Room” this fall. Emily Muller (MIA ‘24) reports with an exclusive statement from Dean Yarhi-Milo."

Administration addresses capstone article, vows to review reimbursement processes
The Morningside Post - Link

"Emily Muller (MIA ‘24) reports that the Director of the Capstone Workshop Program, Suzanne Hollmann, has issued a response to The Morningside Post's article, "Capstone reimbursements are late, so is the rent" that exposed how a SIPA rite of passage is contributing to the widening wealth gap on campus."

Two years on, updated University reimbursement process faces criticism
The Morningside Post - Link

"Is Concur another tedious task or an end to them? Emily Muller (MIA ‘24) covers student and faculty reactions to the updated expense management platform."

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