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*repeat repeat InterviewAlt Podcasts
00:00 / 27:40

"MILWAUKEE — When I first ventured backstage to meet *repeat repeat, the moniker for husband-wife duo Kristyn and Jared Corder, their warm demeanor, colorful style, and desire to create music that transcends demographic boundaries immediately struck me. In this interview we talked about the "Girlfriend" music video, surf-rock critics, and their recent mention in Rolling Stone."

Early Eyes InterviewAlt Podcasts
00:00 / 15:06

"MILWAUKEE — From humble origins practicing in the University of Minnesota dorms, to selling out First Avenue 7th Street Entry, Early Eyes is slowly becoming a fixture of the Midwest music scene. After their Summerfest show, we had a lengthy talk at a picnic table overlooking Lakeshore State Park where we covered topics ranging from biopics to making music more accessible to young people."

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