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Personal Essays

I have written for nonprofits and content studios alike, with frequent themes surrounding serious illness, inclusive education, and mental health.

Nerves, Muscles, and All The In-between
Medium - Link

"I began to envision a life for myself. A real, adult life, where I could translate my academic loves into practice; where I was not a lesser person for using grab bars, and electric can openers, and handrails in the metro; where I could meet new friends, and go on dates, and not feel ashamed by the way my legs moved. It was a gentler practice than my previous—near constant—attempts to change my body, and it is an exercise that I continue to work on."

A Love Letter to the Boston Accent
Adolescent. -

"When my mom speaks, she has the power of generations on her side. The Boston accent, the same one that is held by all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins back East, is carried by the strongest people I’ve ever known. The tongue of my forefathers is messy, gritty, and a bit strange, but it stands for heart; for buying Powerball tickets on a Wednesday afternoon and cursing at the “closed” sign on the door of Daisy Buchanan's."

To Those With Hurting Bodies and Minds
To Write Love On Her Arms -

"Now, I don’t know your story, but I’d like to encourage you to get mental health services if you need them. I’d like to encourage you to make your mental health just as much of a priority as your physical health. I don’t know what kind of trauma you’ve had to endure or where your mind goes at its darkest, but I think we probably share some common ground. This world has hurt every one of us in some way. No matter the source, your pain is valid and you deserve to feel as if your body and mind are yours."

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