I'm a sucker for interesting backstories, so here is a bit of my own.
I originally picked up a camera to document my personal experience with a mysterious neuromuscular disease. In the strangest period of my life, my trusty Nikon allowed me capture my world and the important communities within it - from rare disease advocates in Washington, D.C. to music fans in intimate Chicagoland venues. I soon realized that I had all of the ingredients of a good visual storyteller: a love of photography, a knack for getting myself into strange situations and a passion for chasing moments where people feel most alive. I have been shooting live music, events and portraits ever since.
Send me a message if you would like to work together or if you share my passion for making art and music spaces a more accessible place for under-represented groups.
Adolescent Content, Ampersand Media, CATWALK Charity Fashion Show, rockin'on inc. (Japan), Lightbox St Andrews, P&J Live Aberdeen, PILOT Magazine, St Andrews Radio, Starfields Music Festival, Women In Work.

Rare Artist Award
(Photography Division)
Washington, D.C. - 2014

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