Emily Muller​ is a photographer and writer based out of Chicago, IL and St Andrews, UK. She began telling stories at the age of thirteen while chronicling her experience with undiagnosed neuromuscular disease on internationally viewed blog, Emily's Fight. In the years following the release of her website, Emily traveled America speaking about topics like advocacy, body image, and fear. The people she met along the way inspired her to create and capture beautiful moments.


Now twenty, she has found a love for ​event photography, particularly live music. Emily has a passion for making the art and music industries a more accessible place for underrepresented groups. When she isn't at a gig you can find Emily at a dance club, petting a dog or spending too much time reading poetry anthologies. 

Clients and Publications


Alt Philanthropy

Respect Your Youngers

rockin'on inc. (Japan)

Lithium Magazine

P&J Live Aberdeen

St Andrews Radio (STAR)

Starfields Music Festival

The Mighty

To Write Love on Her Arms

Women In Work (St Andrews)


Rare Artist Award / Washington, D.C. - 2014


US: +1 (224) 426-7405

UK: +44 7930 968500

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